Walking out on the Streets
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There are plenty of things in our communities that people need to be aware of
when out walking around.  Inclement weather, safety hazards, and crime can ruin
anyone's day/night out.

Please follow these tips to keep you safe while out on the streets:

  • Always be aware of your surroundings

  • Take a familiar route when going to a store or friend's house

  • If going to a friend's house, ask them to meet you halfway

  • Carry your purse out in front of you.  Do not strap it around one of your

  • Avoid walking by yourself.  Walking in a group deters crime; for the most part

  • Stay out of the dark, isolated areas

  • Avoid short-cuts that take you off the street/sidewalks.  Do not use alley ways
    and back driveways

  • Do not get into any vehicle unless you know that person

  • Have a cell phone on you (not in purse) in case trouble arises

  • Avoid using your cell phone (texting, playing game) when walking around