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It really stinks when you get ready to go out to go to work or to meet with friends
and you notice that someone has broken into your vehicle.  Stolen items, money,
documents, and vandalism are a few things to deal with in such an incident.  It
can leave you angry and insecure; not to mention inconvenienced.  Please take a
look at these tips on how to avoid car break-ins.

  • Do not leave doors unlocked

  • Do not leave windows or sunroof open

  • Do not leave valuables in plain view (GPS devices, lap tops, cell phones, etc)

  • Do not leave the keys in the vehicle

  • Do not leave the garage door opener in plain view

  • Do not leave out items with personal information

  • Do not move valuable items to the trunk while in public view

  • Slow down and use common sense before you leave your car

  • Remove portable electronic devices such as smart phones and GPS
    navigation systems, including suction cup or bean bag type mounts. (Even the
    visible appearance of a suction cup ring on the glass windshield can be an
    enticement to a thief to break in and look for the GPS system.)