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  •  Never give personal information (name, age, address, etc.) to a stranger on the phone;
  •  Never let a stranger on the telephone know when you will or will not be home;
  •  Never let a stranger on the telephone know you are home alone; instruct babysitters
    never to tell anyone who calls that they are home alone with children;
  •  Teach children old enough to be left alone never to tell a stranger who telephones that
    parents are gone.  Teach them to say "my mom can't come to the phone now.  May I take
    a message?"
  •  Credit card/Social Security numbers, etc.  Do not give out a credit card or social security
    number to someone who you do not know or whom you did not call.


  •  Consider having your telephone "put on vacation."  (Notify the telephone company
    approximately two weeks before your trip, and arrangements will be made for an operator
    or a recording to state that your telephone is temporarily out of order each time it rings;
  •  Use "call forwarding" if available in your area.  (Call forwarding can give callers the
    impression that residents are home when they are actually away, by transferring your
    incoming calls to another telephone number.  Your local phone company can provide you
    with further information).