How to Join Town Watch
If you have any questions, feel free to email us
Aren't you sick of crime and blight taking over our neighborhoods?  You
can't even walk down the street on some days/nights!  Well, get involved
and join Tacony-Holmesburg Town Watch, Inc.

You can help out Town Watch in many ways.  You can actively patrol the
neighborhood as a driver (in your own car) or a rider; or you can help out
by being a "Block Watcher" from your own home.  

We are safe while out on patrol; and we must adhere to all of the laws of
the land.  We always patrol with a partner and there is always 4 or more
members out there with you.   

We could really use your help.  So if you are from Tacony or Holmesburg,
it really doesn't matter.  The only quality needed is that you care about
your community and you want to make it better.

Click the link and download the
Town Watch application.  You can send it
back completed to the below email address or mail it to our PO Box.  
Check out the "Contact Us" page for the address.