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You must be aware of the potential risk of crime in your home in order to prevent it.  
First....remember that the key factor in most crimes is OPPORTUNITY.  If they can't get
at it, they can't take it!!  Follow a regular plan of home security to deter the potential
burglar or other intruder.

  • Use a timer or photo electric cell that automatically turns a living room light on at dusk,
    particularly if you are going to be away at that time;
  •  Leave a radio on with the volume turned low when leaving home, even for short periods;
  •  Always close and lock garage doors;
  •  Secure automatic garage door transmitter in glove compartment of your car;
  •  Secure all obvious (and not so obvious) points of entry to your home.  Pretend you are
    the burglar...stand outside your home and plan how you would get in; then install secure
    locks on all doors and windows;
  •  Lock up all ladders, ropes, or tools that could help a burglar gain entry;
  •  Keep all shrubbery trimmed near your doors and windows - don't provide concealment or
    climbing platforms for the burglar; brightly illuminate all entrances, preferably with vandal-
    proof fixtures;
  •  Keep your grass cut, your leaves raked,  etc., to indicate a well cared for and occupied
  •  Empty your mailbox or arrange to have it emptied as soon as the mail is delivered;
  •  Install new locks when moving into an apartment or previously owned home;
  •  Keep extra keys out of sight and in a safe place; never hide a key outside - most hiding
    places are obvious to burglars;
  •  Avoid displaying valuable items near windows with open drapes or shades;
  •  Never leave a note on the door explaining why you are not at home;
  •  Never leave doors and windows unlocked when leaving home;
  •  Display only your last name on your nameplate or mailbox;
  •  Start a buddy system with your neighbors in order to watch each other's homes; watch
    for "movers" or "repair people" at a house where no one is home.


  •  Don't cancel your paper or mail deliveries; ask your neighbor to pick them up every day;
  •  Leave a key with a friend or neighbor; ask that the house be checked periodically;
  •  Have the drapes periodically opened and closed; and have different lights turned on and
    off so the house appears occupied;
  •  Store all your valuables;
  •  Consider asking friends or relatives to live in your home while you are away;
  •  Leave a car in the driveway, or ask neighbors to park in it;
  •  Ask you neighbor to put some trash in your trash cans.

Despite precautions, if intruders are determined to enter and burglarize your home,
they can probably do so.  However, burglars usually seek the easiest target - and you
can take steps to make your house less vulnerable.