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Practicing to develop skill in providing quick, accurate descriptions is an excellent
Town Watch meeting activity.  In attempting to describe events, vehicles, or persons,
write down the details of what you have observed while they are still fresh in your
mind, so your descriptions to law enforcement officials will be as accurate as possible.


When describing events, write down:
  •  What happened;
  •  When it happened;
  •  Where it occurred (note the nearest cross street, home address, or landmark in
    relationship to the event);
  •  Whether injuries are involved (be prepared to report visible or suspected personal
    injury.  Be as specific as possible - this could save a life);
  •  Whether weapons are involved (this information, whether observed or suspected, is vital
    to responding officers).


When describing vehicles, write down:
  •  Vehicle license number and state, make and type of vehicle, color, and approximate year
    of vehicle;
  •  Special designs or unusual features, such as vinyl top, mag wheels, body damage,
    pinstripes, etc.
  •  Direction of travel;
  •  Number and description of any individuals inside the vehicle (if possible).


In preparing descriptions of persons, it is important to write down the following:
  •  Sex;
  •  Race;
  •  Approximate Age;
  •  Height;
  •  Weight;
  •  Hair (color and length);
  •  Hat;
  •  Facial Hair (beard/mustache);
  •  Clothes (shirt, tie, coat, jacket, trousers, shorts, etc);
  •  Shoes;
  •  Any disfigurations, physical disabilities, scars or tattoos;
  •  Direction of movement