If you have any questions about our boundaries, feel
free to email us at
Tacony-Holmesburg Town Watch, Inc. covers two big sectors in the 15th Police
District.  The boundaries for the Tacony sector (see map on left below) are from
Cottman Avenue south to Robbins Avenue; the east side of Frankford Avenue to
the Delaware River.  The boundaries for the Holmesburg sector (see map on
right below) are north of Cottman Avenue to Rhawn Street; the west side of
Frankford Avenue (north of Sheffield Ave) to Cresco Ave; east to the Delaware
River.  We also cover the furthermost southern tip of the 8th Police District;
which is north of Rhawn Street to Academy Road and east to the river.  We do
not cover Pennypack Woods development as that is private.

We check out the neighborhood playgrounds, schools, churches and local
hangouts where trouble can usually start.  We also patrol the neighborhood
streets within the area mentioned above to look for any suspicious activity,
violent behavior, graffiti, vandalism, underage drinking or any other criminal act
that may be going on.

We are the eyes and ears of the Police Department.  We are always out there!!
If you live in these areas and you are sick and tired of crime and Quality
of Life issues taking over the neighborhood, it is time for you to join us.  
There are no time requirements involved in joining Town Watch.  It is
rewarding and fun!!  Click the Join Us link at the top of the home page or
simply click
Tacony Sector
Holmesburg Sector