Calling 9-1-1
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Please Remember to Call 911 To Report:

*  A fire
*  A crime
*  Any serious medical condition
*  Any situation requiring immediate response of Police, Fire, or Emergency Medical Personnel.

REMEMBER - Stay calm, speak clearly, be prepared to answer questions and receive
instructions and stay on the phone until you are told to hang up!

If you need to call 911 to report a crime be ready to help the call taker by offering as much
information at possible. Be ready to tell the dispatcher:

*  What happened.
*  Where it happened.

A description of the perpetrator(s).  Tell them as many of the following as possible:
*  Sex
*  Race
*  Height
*  Weight
*  Age
*  Hair color
*  Clothing
*  Any weapons used.
*  Type of vehicle used and the direction taken.
*  Provide any other details you think might be relevant to the capture of a suspect.

Tips When Calling from Mobile/Cellular Telephone:

When calling from a cellular telephone, it is recommended that you stop the vehicle on the side of the
road before dialing!  Remember that the communications officers will not know where you are - so it's
very important to let the dispatcher know exactly where the emergency is located.  You should be
prepared to provide your direction of travel, the street name you are on, and/or physical landmarks
such as buildings or major intersections.
You can report traffic accidents, reckless or intoxicated drivers, medical emergencies, vehicle or
building fires, drivers in distress or broken down, or any crime in progress that you may witness.

Tips When Calling from Pay/Coin Telephones:

When calling from pay or coin telephones, it is not necessary to deposit a quarter before
calling 9-1-1.  9-1-1 is a free call from all pay or coin telephones!